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Sourdough 101: The Benefits of Sourdough

Well, my first batch of Bara Brith is almost consumed! One of my girls thought it tastes like marmalade. It is really tasty with butter and a bit of honey drizzled on it! Oh, and I know the recipe says to bake it when it reaches the top of the pan, but I flirt with failure on that score. I like bread as high and light as possible and let this rise the full 3 hours. It would make awesome French toast!

Beautiful bread!

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Makes my mouth water just to look at the pictures! I think this will have to be the next recipe I try! I also love to drink chai Kenya style, no spices Does it have a sourdough taste? I love reading about all of the tweaks to change up the flavors of the Bara Brith--it get my wheel turning. Sylvia, I've never heard of Barm Brack before but it sounds wonderful. I can just see a pretty bundt loaf of bread ready to be sliced. I'll need to add that to my list of recipes to try, it sounds like it would make a gorgeous loaf. Somehow the taste mellowed and wasn't as strong as the first batch made with Irish Breakfast tea.

No clue. One loaf in the freezer, the cut one down to one piece. Fantastic bread for breakfast. It'll be fun to try the Irish version adding in some lemon zest, Irish tea and baking it round.

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Such fun adventures ladies. Enjoyed your bit of research.

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Barm Brack. Now for an Irish tune or two.

Vintage Remedies Guide To Bread by Jessie Hawkins

I love Italian Panettone, so the Bara Brith, with all the lovely currants, raisins, orange zest and ginger, will always be a favorite. You loaf using the hot cinnamon tea, I have no doubt will turn out lovely and tasty. Be sure to share the results. I've been doing some research on Irish breads. Low and behold, the Celts do stick together. The Irish version of this bread is made almost identically they soak in black tea, use lemon zest along with orange zest but it is traditionally baked in a round pan.

Saw one baked in a bundt. They started making this bread with leftover beer yeast. It is known as Barm Brack. Nowadays it is made with bread yeast.

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So glad the book version is sourdough. All the flavors in this bread are amazing.

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  • I am trying a different tea. It is black but is known as "Hot Cinnamon" tea. It's hard to drink no matter how much I try to dilute it with more water. It'll make a fun bread. Baking some BB today. It will soon be worth it Darla. All the different loaves of bread you will be mixing up and sharing with your family and friends. Until then, just read through the Wild Bread book again and enjoy the recipes, tips and photos. Your mother will be ready to do her thing and show off beautiful loaves in no time.

    Happy for you. Cross your fingers and your toes, I am starting my first mother tomorrow.

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    6. But then Vintage Remedies updated their course delivery system!

    I am going to go with the white rice flour first and see what happens. This is great for those with slow or spotty internet access. However, the physical books, which I think set Vintage Remedies apart from other herbal schools, are not part of the new course. While I understand their reasons for going this route, I prefer physical books for in depth learning. Of course this is just a personal preference, as I know others who really like the video format for learning. I feel like the Confident Family Herbalist course is ideal for someone who is just beginning their herbalism studies or someone like me who has some knowledge but wants a systematic course to help fill in the gaps.

    I was impressed with the short course and with the way information was handled in the Facebook group.

    Vintage Remedies is very focused on scientific research, not to the exclusion of acknowledging traditional herbalism but the focus is on the science. I really felt that this was a focus I needed in the beginning of my formal studies. The cost is definitely an investment but I feel that my family has already benefited from it and will continue to benefit from it which will save us in health care costs over the years. Honestly, nothing formal. My goal for learning about herbs is to help my family, not become a certified herbalist.

    I would choose the same course. I called Vintage Remedies before choosing a course and they helped walk me through what is covered in their short courses, what is covered in the longer courses and what I was wanting to learn. Remember when I said there was reading from the physical books in each module. Fortunately, a quick email to my instructor calmed my nervousness.

    Vtg Remedies Guide to Real Food Jessie Hawkins

    The new course format no longer has the printed books and I would bring them back. I think the addition of printed books in the course set the Vintage Remedies course apart from other herbal courses. But there are no trick questions in the tests that I have taken. The goal is really to help you learn more. Your feedback will help each person reading this, make a wise decision about which path they should take in their own herbal studies.

    What is herbology? I read your reviews of on-line herbs classes. Do you have another recommendation of a similar course?

    I was having issues and I called and emailed several times and I never recieved a response.