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Lake Macquarie City Council has started the process of rezoning part of the land to accommodate the large retailers, which will sit alongside the four-year-old Bunnings warehouse. Green Capital, the company behind a lot residential subdivision on the hectare Boolaroo site, is poised to buy the land from the government then negotiate with the major retailers.

Mayor Kay Fraser said on Friday that she expected about lots to be "released" in the next month "and the rest will come from that". They did put their toe in the water before. I understand they're very keen on this site.

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IKEA's three Sydney warehouses attract a pilgrimage of fans from the Hunter and the Central Coast, but that will change if the so-called "category killer" sets up shop in Newcastle. Picture: Jay Cronan. Picture: Ben Rushton.


Industry sources in the Hunter said IKEA had the potential to attract businesses to Boolaroo but take customers away from other suburban "homemaker" centres. IKEA is the largest furniture retailer in the world, employing more than , people in stores across the globe.

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It has even spawned its own psychological phenomenon, the IKEA effect, in which customers place a disproportionately high value on products they have helped assemble. IKEA has embarked on a strategic shift recently towards online shopping and opened a small "planning studio" in the Warringah mall this year. These changes are designed as a quality of life improvement for horde gameplay. Unifying recruitment-building choices under Nakai saves the repetition, cost, and time that would otherwise be required to construct the same recruitment buildings across multiple hordes.

Nakai begins play with a vassal faction called the Defenders of the Great Plan — the caretakers of the great Temple Cities.

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As more temples are dedicated to a specific Old One, the more powerful the rewards bestowed upon Nakai and his faction. Nakai may expend this Favour to provide assistance to his vassals through unique Rites, boost the income the vassals provide and visibility over them, and recruit Blessed Spawning units or Heroes and Slanns at higher ranks. Nakai has a selection of new Rites focused around his units, faction mechanics and campaign focus. Keep an eye on our social channels in the coming weeks for more info.

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Various parts of the Mortal Empires campaign map have been reworked and improved, focused mainly on the regions within the Empire. New spectacular settlement battlefields exclusively for the new forts added in the mountain passes on the borders of the Empire. Balthasar Gelt has a new starting position of Solland in the south of the Empire and a new faction — The Golden Order to command.

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The Empire Office system is being replaced with the new Elector Counts system. This new political feature will make it possible to confederate the Empire without going to war with the other counts if you play your cards right. Ella McConnell. Is there a pre-purchase discount? Do I need to start a new campaign? Can I keep my mods?

Trip Planner [ 0 ]. Dine Banner. Sunday 20 October, Balmoral Beach Sydney. Here's to the good life When was the last time you took off on a whim?

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