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We are truly blessed with them. Everyone here was so helpful and kind! They make it to the Emerald City to meet the Wizard, who decides to grant their wishes on the condition they kill the Witch and bring back her broomstick. While walking through the haunted forest to get to the Witch's castle, Dorothy and Toto are captured by the Witch's flying monkeys, but are pursued by Tom, Jerry and the others.

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At the Witch's castle, the Witch puts Toto in a basket and threatens to drown him in a river if Dorothy refuses to give her the slippers. Although she complies, the Witch is shocked when she tries to take them off. When she remembers that the slippers won't come off as long as Dorothy is alive, the Witch places an hourglass, stating that Dorothy has only hours to live.

Tom and Jerry manage to free Toto, who escapes from the castle to get help. Jerry is seen by the Witch and thrown through a window with Tom.

They encounter two of the Witch's guards, Droopy and Butch, who accidentally mention the Witch's weakness is water. While Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion rescue Dorothy, Tom and Jerry try to fill a bucket with water from a well and later from the moat, but their attempts to get it back inside the castle are unsuccessful.

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Eventually, they manage to get hold of a rain cloud and use it to fill the bucket. Dorothy, with Tom and Jerry's help, puts out the fire with the water, destroying the Witch, who melts when Dorothy accidentally splashes her. The soldiers celebrate the Witch's death and allow Dorothy to take the broom. They return to the Emerald City and present the broom to the Wizard, but he still refuses to grant their wishes until tomorrow.

Although the Wizard turns out to be an ordinary man behind an illusion, he nevertheless promises to grant their wishes and take Dorothy, Tom, Jerry, and Toto back to Kansas in his hot air balloon.

The Wizard's Cat By Tony Mortley

As the balloon is about to take off, Tom spots a chick and jumps out of the balloon to eat it, prompting Jerry and Toto to stop him. Dorothy runs after them and they are unable to get back to the balloon before it takes off with the Wizard. Glinda then appears and tells her another way to get back home, by tapping her heels together and repeating the phrase " There's no place like home ". Dorothy, Tom, Jerry, and Toto bid farewell to her friends.

Myths and Legends

They all awaken in Dorothy's bedroom back in Kansas, surrounded by family and friends. Dorothy tells them of her adventures, but they insist it was all a dream, though Tom, Jerry and Toto are the only ones who believe her. As Dorothy promises never to run away again, Tom and Jerry give chase outside the house. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Turner Entertainment Co. Warner Bros. The Wizard of Oz.