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BT Boujack, the Plunderer Q1. This skill enters pending, activates, and resolves once per card. BT Quickshift Gokua Q1. You use this card in a combo.

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BT Merciless Farewell Q1. BT Quickshift Krillin Q1.

After you play this card, can your opponent switch their energy to Active Mode during their next Charge Phase? Switching cards from Rest Mode to Active Mode is not a skill, so your opponent is allowed to do so. BT Restore the Universes! This is the only card in your hand. You may choose all cards other than this card from your hand and place them in your Drop Area, and if you do, play this card from your hand"? You can activate the resolve the skill. A green Battle Card with an energy cost of 7 or more is placed under a card in your opponent's Battle Area by your opponent's skill and this card is in your hand.

Can you activate and resolve the part of this card's skill that reads "when 1 of your green Battle Cards with an energy cost of 7 or more is removed from a Battle Area by a skill or KO'd, activate this skill. Your opponent gains control of a green Battle Card in your Battle Area with an energy cost of 7 or more with a skill and this card is in your hand. Your opponent gains control of one of your green Battle Cards with an energy cost of 7 or more. When one of your green Battle Cards with an energy cost of 7 or more is KO'd in your opponent's Battle Area, it isn't in your Battle Area, so the effect doesn't activate or resolve.

Here’s what Jon killing Daenerys means for the Prince That Was Promised prophecy

From the hand. In this case, how do the two skills in pending resolve? Battle Cards that drop to zero power are placed in the Drop Area. BT Dormant Legend Q1.

The Prince That Was Promised

As long as there are no other specifications, it means to place a card face up in your Energy Area. But the power reduction is a continuous effect and would still be in effect. If this card is in play in your Battle Area, can you activate the [Counter] on another copy of this card in your hand? BT Demigra, the Sorcerer Q1. BT Tokitoki City Q1. Over Realm only checks for removal at the end of the turn. No, it only counts as one card.

No, you may not.

You must have a minimum of 3 battle cards in your combo area by the time the second auto ability resolves, which would be before the Offense Step. If they choose not to place a card in their Drop Area, this card is sent to the Drop Area. If they choose to place a card in their Drop Area, it prevents the card from being placed in the Drop Area once, but since effects that decrease power are continuous effects, the power reduction would remain and this card would be placed in the Drop Area due to the rules.

NEW What happens to Battle Cards that reach zero power or below as a result of effects that reduce power? The continuous effect preventing the player from playing Battle Cards only applies to the player who played this card. Because of that, their opponent can use skills to play Battle Cards in their Battle Area. When the attacking card is switched from Active Mode to Rest Mode.

DB Galick Cannon Q1. When there is a card effect that says it performs an action, and another card that prohibits that action, the card prohibiting that action always takes precedence. NEW What does it mean to add cards to your energy? It means to place those cards face-up in your Energy Area.

DB Desperate Measures Q1. Is that card treated as a skill-less card? Once a skill-less Battle Card gains a skill, it is no longer treated as a skill-less Battle Card.

Vahagn: The Armenian Dragon Slayer God and Bringer of Fire

No, it doesn't. The skills of all other Battle Cards are negated, but since [Over Realm] is activated and resolved in advance, any cards played with [Over Realm] are sent to their owners' Warps at end of turn. No, it isn't. No, it only negates the skills on Battle Cards in the Battle Area.

DB Burning Slash Q1. How much damage does your Leader Card take if they lose the battle? Two damage. If there are multiple copies of a keyword skill on a card, this skill does not negate all of them.


You must place a card from your hand in your Drop Area. When adding a card to your hand using the auto skill, do you need to reveal it to your opponent? Whose Battle Area does this card ultimately end up in? Does this card get played in the Battle Area at the start of your next turn? No, that's not necessary. Can you play this card from your hand without paying its cost? No, they're not. Do you need to pay the combo cost when using those cards in a combo? Does the skill take effect? You check the cards available for you to choose in your hand, Battle Area, and Energy Area, but none of their combined energy costs add up to 6 or more. Should you just place all of them in your Drop Area? You should place no cards in your Drop Area. Also, the effect that places cards in your Drop Area cannot resolve. Your hand is a secret area. If card information is necessary to fulfill a condition for choosing a card in a secret area, the player choosing can opt not to choose that card, even if it would fulfill the condition.

When this card attacks a Leader Card, your opponent activates [Blocker] on one of their Battle Cards to change the target of the attack. Does this also reduce specified costs by 1, allowing you to ignore them? What does it mean to add cards to your energy?

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No, they can't. You activate [Dual Attack] on this card, which it gained from its permanent skill. Can you activate this new [Dual Attack]? Yes, they will. Any skills granted to the cards placed below do not carry over to the new card. Your opponent gains control of this card and activates its auto skill. Whose Battle Area does this card end up in? When your opponent activates a non-keyword skill [Auto], do they have to choose one of their life cards and place it in their Drop Area? No, your opponent can choose not to place one of their life cards in their Drop Area.

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Your opponent should place the card in their Drop Area before the skill resolves. Does this reduce its specified cost by one as well? When this card attacks, can your opponent activate [Blocker]? You win the game. Yes it does. However, you can use Battle Cards with the [Blocker] skill in a combo or activate other skills they have. The cards are to be placed face-down so they are indistinguishable, then you choose which card to send to the Warp. What happens to the above card when it leaves the Battle Area? When a card is sent to your opponent's Warp via this card's auto skill, only cards that haven't moved to other areas can be returned to their hand.

Then during your Main Phase, you no longer meet those conditions. Both of your cards would enter pending. Yes, it will.

Game Of Thrones 8x01 - "Daenerys Arrives At Winterfell" - Season 8 Episode 1

When you negate an attack, do you also negate any Auto skills on the attacking card that are activated by attacking? In that case, does the specified cost also decrease by 2? They must choose between them when they are face-down. If it does, the Battle Card is played with its skills negated for the duration of the turn. It will neither activate nor resolve.