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Verified Purchase. My husband is using this book to jog his memories and help with his chronic debilitating PTSD. November 20, - Published on Amazon.

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June 29, - Published on Amazon. Doc Jewett has done another great job in gathering pertinent information for a very detailed and easy to read accounting.

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Thanks Doc once again. June 19, - Published on Amazon. This book chronicles the the time the 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines Lima Company was in Viet Nam the best as Doc could do with the information he was able to fine in the Marine archives.

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It's a great overview of what went on, but not in any lengthly detail, that I'm sure would require volume after volume if it was available. I was able to find information on myself and what happened to others during my tour of duty with Lima Company If you served, or just want to know what happened while the 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines were in Viet Nan it's worth adding to your collection.

February 21, - Published on Amazon.

Go to Amazon. Even if you do have access to this information, it takes time to wade through all the details; a task that the average individual would find tedious.

Third Battalion, Third Marines' Combat Orders 1967

This project was an answer to that problem. I started with the company roster for the end of February , which listed all the members of Company Lima that participated in the battles during the first five days of March for which we were tagged with our name.

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  • I then determined the Marine who had been with the unit the longest and the Marine who had been there the least length of time. It was my goal for this project to chronicle their tours of duty. This required compiling information for a period of twenty eight months: December thru March On many occasions the same information was included in battalion, regimental, and division chronologies.

    When I encountered this I used the most detailed information to represent the event.