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Designed by Edgar Miller and erected in the s as part of a Works Progress Administration WPA project that also built the nearby Jane Addams Homes, the figurines included the shapes of a buffalo, a lion, and a bear, among others, and served as a play place for local children who lived in the surrounding public housing projects. Originally designed by renowned landscape architect George Kessler and built at intervals starting in , Riverside Park eventually gained a monkey island, built by Works Progress Administration workers in the s, as well as a zoo, duck pond, coin-operated carousel and train ride, and band shell.

For generations of children who have grown up in Torrance, Calif.

Making Old Playgrounds Fun Again!

The highlight of the 6. Kids can definitely get their hands and feet all over this sculpture installation. At the Playscape, swings, slides, and jungle gyms are reconceptualized as sculpture. Likewise, sculpture is rethought for its communal function, blurring the line between fine art, landscape design, and good old childhood fun.

'Outrageous' and 'disgusting': segregated playground sparks fury

Julia Rocchi is the director of content marketing at the National Trust. By day she wrangles content; by night and weekends , she shops local, travels to story-rich places, and gawks at buildings. August 4, By: Julia Rocchi.

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Animal Court Playground -- Chicago The concrete sculptures at Animal Court were designed for children to climb and play on. The playground itself is grassy and has swings, climbing apparatus, springy horsies and city building gazing benches.

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A gigantic green space which lies between Clifton and Henleaze, this vast parkland is bordered by some smashing looking houses — oh the time I have spent daydreaming that one was mine! There is no playground equipment to speak of on The Downs, just masses and masses of open grass, if that suits and tons of conker trees for autumnal entertainment. Parking : There is no dedicated car park, but spaces are often available on surrounding roads. Parking : I tend to park in Tesco car park just across the road and do shopping afterwards, otherwise you can find somewhere along Kellaway Avenue. The park is only a few years old, so is in pretty good nick.

'We grew up on the playgrounds': Old friends fondly remember St. Martin neighborhood

Views from the top of the park look out over the city, with the historic buildings of Ashley Down behind originally built as orphan houses by George Muller , who cared for over 10, orphans in Victorian Bristol. This playground is right next to Filton Leisure Centre, so you can do a swimming session check their website for timetable , then have a play about in the park afterwards. The playground overlooks big green fields and has swings, roundabouts, slides, mini climbing walls and lots more.

This free city farm is a good one to have up your sleeve as you can tick off several child-friendly activities here. Firstly there are farm animals to see, pigs, sheep, ducks and chickens — all good kid staples! Then pop across to the wooden playground — all tunnels and climbing frames, right next to a Gaudi-meets-the-hobbit-esque cafe.

Some of the food from the cafe is grown in the allotments next door, so super fresh and wholesome like the vibe of this community farm. Parking : The farm has no parking of its own. Parking can be quite limited on Watercress Road, so try and park before the tunnel and walk two minutes to the Farm. There are a couple of ways to get into Redland Green park, one on the … side where the track dips down into a well-groomed grassy bowl before bringing you out at the playground or you can get in on the other side via Redland Road.

Vintage Playgrounds

The latter is equally as picturesque, with its tree-lined street and impressive Redland Parish church. Long have I wondered what the parkland surrounding the big yellow castle-esque building Dower House — the one visible from the M32 — was like and I have to say, I was MORE than pleasantly surprised. The house itself was actually built back in , rebuilt around and is now a set of apartments.

There are other monuments to seek out including Purdown Percy, a World War 2 anti-aircraft battery, and woodpeckers to listen out for among the trees. Parking : There are a couple of entrances, but no dedicated car park near either — find a nearby road to park your car. Combine a park trip with a walk through the parkland — you can follow the path down to the river Frome towards Frenchay, or in the other direction, to Snuff Mills, an historic section of the Frome Valley Walkway.

Wildlife hunters should keep an eye out for glimpses of kingfishers, herons, foxes, owls, bats and deer.

Download exemplary playground projects

Practical stuff: there is a free car park. Over in East Bristol, the park here has a large pond which is great for duck feeding, a skate park and a long tree-lined avenue for a bit of natural wow factor. Where to park: there is a free car park right next to the park.

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There are several colour-coded pathways and mountain bike trails to choose from, plus a natural play trail for kids including hollow log tunnels, balance boards, carved wooden sofas, a woodland fort and a basket swing dotted around the woods to amuse your little woodland elf. You can download the Wild Woodland Adventure Trail with Franklin the Fox before you go for an extra bit of family fun.

Practical stuff: there are a couple of places you can park, either along North road, just off Abbots Leigh Road or follow the tree-lined Valley Road to a car park with kiosk. This huge sprawling estate lies just across the other side of Clifton Suspension Bridge. Keep your peepers peeled for hot air balloons — in August, Ashton Court Estate is the site of the spectacular Bristol International Balloon Fiesta , and hot air balloons take off from here during the ballooning season fairly often.


Bristol’s best kids' playgrounds - This Bristol Brood

A free 5km parkrun takes place every Saturday and occasionally family-friendly events take place in the Mansion House. Parking : There are three car parks in Ashton Court. The views from sloping Brandon Hill are pretty darn good themselves.