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Now comes Tina Brown pawing at that pedestal with The Vanity Fair Diaries: , which chronicles her glory days as the English editor who came to America to revive the magazine, and later to resuscitate the New Yorker. For this she deserves heaps of Yankee praise. Once I got my mitts on her book, I did what everyone will do: I turned to the index.

Jackie O: On the Couch : Inside the Mind and Life of Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Each of us was photographed by Annie Leibovitz , who signed and sent originals of the shots as Christmas presents. I was curious to see if the diaries mentioned that page spread in the magazine. There I am. Similar smackdowns await others. In a profile for the Washington Post , Quinn wrote that Brzezinski, then national security advisor to President Carter, had unzipped his fly during an interview with a female reporter from People, which Quinn claimed had been captured by a photographer.

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Brown does not chop with a cleaver. She wields her scalpel with surgical precision, blood-letting with small, incisive cuts.

Every day, every night: the parties, the premieres, the galas, the spas, the stylists, the hairdressers, the designers, the limousines. Even she admits exhaustion at her frantic drive to see and be seen — all in service to her role as editor, of course. These diaries are a celebrity drive-by of the great and the good and, sprinkled with high and low culture, are written with style but little humor, save for the night the newly arrived London editor attended her first Manhattan cocktail party and met Shirley MacLaine.

MacLaine was not amused. Do all her sentences fall to the page like rose petals in a summer breeze? No editing? No rewriting? No tweaking? My own diaries read like the daily romps of an unhinged mind scrambling for cruise control. Diaries provide a psychological X-ray of the diarist, an unintentional autobiography of sorts, and these entries show a woman of immense talent consumed with her dazzling career.

Flicking off such criticism like a fuzzball from cashmere, Tina Brown smiles all the way to the bank and then rockets upward, leaving the rest of us in her high-heeled wake. Doing it her way, she clawed past hostile flacks and stonewalling cronies…. But a memoir by year-old Jean Kennedy Smith , the last surviving member of that storied family, might prove irresistible. Like one more chocolate in a binge. So why not? Reading The Nine of Us: Growing Up Kennedy is like sitting down with your great-grandmother to look at a scrapbook of old photographs taken with a Brownie camera loaded with Kodak film.

A relic from a bygone era.

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Sweetly nostalgic. Kennedy Sr. This thin reverie of a book underscores the Irish Catholic heritage that produced the nine Kennedy children who grew up in the s, s, and s pre-Vatican II era of Latin Masses every Sunday, meatless Fridays, grace before meals, and evening prayers. Growing up in the s, I, too, was taught by nuns to memorize, memorize, memorize — the Baltimore Catechism, not the world atlas.

Rose Kennedy later had a plaque made and mounted on the back of the sofa to commemorate the event. In previous books, Rose Kennedy has been dismissed as priggish, pious, and humorless, but her youngest daughter also shows her to be devoted to continual self-improvement for her children as well as herself. Even into her 90s, she was still trying to master a second foreign language. She lived to be At first, I assumed this slight book was ghostwritten but, as no other writer is named, perhaps not. Still, I agonized for whoever did the writing because the poor soul seemed to have no access to fresh material — no personal diaries, fulsome letters, or unpublished photographs.

Kennedy , edited by Amanda Smith. As the first journalist to reveal the pre-frontal lobotomy performed on Rosemary Kennedy, I have always been impressed by how the family used that tragedy to support their commitment to mental health.

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But it made her go all the way back. It erased all those years of effort I had put into her. All along I had continued to believe that she could have lived her life as a Kennedy girl, just a little slower. Such a sin of omission — and there are many throughout the book — mars this memoir and keeps it from being more than superficial gloss.

Crossposted from Washington Independent Review of Books. The show may be viewed online here. Anyone who has followed the Kennedys knows the bar is high for books on the subject. Serious historians Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

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So now comes Barbara A. When the John F. As a biographer Perry was challenged. If, like me, one is a major fan of Consulter l'avis complet.

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  • Account Options Connexion. Alma H. With so much written, rumoured, told, and retold about Marilyn Monroe, it's amazing to consider how much we still don't know. On the screen she was iconic, radiant, and yet her talent so rarely earned her respect.

    Inside Jackie O’s Final Days

    In life she was intelligent, brilliant, and yet regarded as little more than Hollywood's blonde bombshell. She was the wife of baseball stars and playwrights and the plaything of the president. She was full of life, even as drugs and depression drove her ever-closer to death. But who was the real Marilyn Monroe, beyond the hit films and the headlines?

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    Psychoanalyst and long-time biographer Dr Alma Bond has explored the hidden lives of remarkable women like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Camille Claudel. Now she turns her analytical eye to the untold story of Marilyn Monroe, the woman everyone wanted to see and touch, but whom almost no one actually wanted to know.

    Dr Bond imagines, in detail, a several-year stretch during the late s and early s, when Marilyn, an exceedingly fragile figure, submits to analysis on the couch of Manhattan psychoanalyst Dr. Darcy Dale. When Marilyn returns to Hollywood, their sessions turn to correspondence as the truth of Marilyn's final years is revealed. Brilliantly, entertainingly, and movingly, this book shows just what lay beneath Marilyn's iconic beauty. Dr Dale, a fictional stand-in for the author, sees Marilyn Monroe as few ever have, both inside and out, and transfers those insights to readers.