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Send us your feedback. By using the site you agree to our privacy settings. A letter to my future self where I ask some big, life-changing questions—are the things I ultimately expect out of life in line with my actions today? So help us, Grey Goose. On the same token, however, so many of those smart, savvy, remarkable people are not. Frankly, this makes me want to burst […]. I had an insightful conversation with a Mexican immigrant the other day. We also might have had a round of margaritas, which could have enhanced the perceived value of the conversation, but nevertheless, I wanted to share it with you.

It went something like this: ME: So, I imagine you came here with some expectations […]. She wants you to live the life she was afraid to live, but always wanted. You were always her greatest work of art.

How to Get a Grip over Your Own Life: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Can we talk about the fact that I dislocated my thumb this weekend while trying to pull up my pantyhose? Who does that happen to? Surely Princess Di never had these types of problems.

My mother had severe anxiety disorder. Psychiatric level.

Get a grip on yourself

What if that bill is high this year? What if it snows that day? My year old go-to […]. Today would have been her 70th birthday. To garden always or at least try , to worship tomatoes, and […]. Most of you reading this website are here because you want more. Tried and true may be comfortable, but boring.

The traditional life path may be safe, but uninspiring.

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The status quo is average, but nothing extraordinary. Twenty years ago I was a small town girl growing up in a trailer park in rural Pennsylvania. Fifteen years ago, I lost my family and everything I knew right as I became the first to graduate college. Nine years ago I quit my job in advertising and pursued my dreams as a creative writer. Eight years ago, I built a 6-figure business doing what I love using nothing more than the Internet and my voice. And we get exhausted. And burnt out.

Did you know that all of my best writing goes out by email?

And cranky. Maybe even a new, cello-wrapped Fleshlight or some other futuristic masturbatory device I would never otherwise access. What if I wanted to take my clothes off? Would I just pile them on the floor? Try waking up at AM every two days to take two busses and a train to Burnaby to stand in line for appointment. Try having half a dozen different doctors stick their hands inside you.


Poor baby. In-vitro fertilization is infinitely more taxing on women, with constant blood tests and ultrasounds, needle pokes and cervix exams, artificially raised and lowered hormone levels.

Self control: How to get a grip on yourself

On the day of the appointment, my nerves are in no better shape, though. So, by the time I reached I reached the office, I am in serious need of some sort of relief. I examine the container and can already tell that angling correctly is going to be a logistical nightmare. She nudges me in and closes the door behind me.

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I grab the stack of mags and settle into the chair, immediately trying not to think about how many other bare asses have sweated in it. Three of the magazines are pretty standard—your basic airbrushed softcore fare. But the fourth one is fascinating: a thick volume of state-censored Chinese pornography, featuring middle-aged and older women fornicating with a number of male partners, in which all the dongs have been blacked-out.