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The psychology of our fear of darkness is not necessarily of the predators. The unpreparedness caused by darkness makes us anxious and this anxiety hinders our ability to act logically.

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For example, the creaking of our doors or windows are often ignored during the day but during the night, the same sound drives us crazy. This is because of the anxiety that kicks in due to fear. Source: evehow.

Fear of Darkness Phobia – Nyctophobia

Most of the crimes in the modern world are committed after sunset. This is the reason still most of us are a bit afraid of the dark. This fear of darkness is more prevalent in children than in adults. Children between the age of are the most afraid and it decreases with the increase in age. The apprehension adults express when children go near something unknown confirms their fear and thus, they also develop the fear of the unknown which strengthens the fear of the dark.

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This is not at all a bad thing but a beautiful defense mechanism our brain provided us with. Source: listzblog. Women - compared to men - indicated imagination as source of their fears, and were more likely to use avoidance, attention detraction and social support as coping.

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University students - compared to secondary school students - reported negative information as origin of their fears, and preferred avoidance as a mode of coping with them. Contents of fear showed no significant difference between either genders or age groups.

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  8. In a pathway model we found that gender had a direct effect on the frequency of fear of the dark. Dysfunctional attitudes affected the frequency of fear via trait anxiety and low selfesteem. Our results confirm and supplement former results concerning gender and age differences.