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Curl, Jr. A comprehensive account of the origins and early history of stereochemistry is given in O.

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Ramsay, Stereochemistry ,Heyden, London, Copley], W. Translation from Natta, G. Reference to Kolbe in Ramsay, Stereochemistry , p. Lewis, G. It is also noteworthy as another example of a useful, though not necessarily correct, polyhedral model. Sidgwick, N. London Series A ,,— This was first described by Pitzer et al.

Berry, R. Stephen Berry, Erice, Italy, , unpublished records. For references, see, e.

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Intell , 3 1 , 14— Lev D. Eyring, H. For a set of examples, see, e.

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Fukui, K. For an overview, see, e. Hoffmann, R.

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Schultz, H. Muetterties, E. Coxeter, H. Harry Potter.

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Popular Features. New Releases. Categories: Chemistry Books. Lipscomb elucidates his area of expertise: the general structural principles and reactions of boron hydrides and related compounds. Lipscomb's work appeared only a decade after the structures of boron hydrides were first elucidated and their chemistry formulated into a widely applicable framework. His observations led to a major reconsideration of how atoms bond to form stable molecules.

A concise treatment of the many separate parts of the structural theory and its relation to chemistry, this volume begins with an overview of boron hydrides and related structures, progressing to three-center bonds and their applications, molecular orbitals, nuclear magnetic resonance studies of boron hydrides and related compounds, and reactions of the boron hydrides.

More than diagrams and figures illustrate a variety of structures. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Other books in this series. Add to basket.

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Physical chemist, Office of Science Research and Development, ; faculty, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, ; assistant professor, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, ; associate professor, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, ; acting chief physical chemistry division, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, ; professor and chief physical chemistry division, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, ; professor of chemistry, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, ; Abbott and James Lawrence professor, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, ; professor emeritus, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, since Chairman program committee 4th International Congress of crystallography, Montreal, Member science advisory board Robert A.

Welch Foundation. Member research advisory board Michigan Molecular Biology Institute. William Nunn Lipscomb has been listed as a noteworthy physical chemistry educator by Marquis Who's Who.

source url Chamber music, tennis. Married Mary Adele Sargent, May 20, Children: Dorothy Jean, James Sargent. Married Jean Craig Evans, Back to Profile. Photos Works. Main Photo Add photo. School period Add photo.

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