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Cubberly felt like people should be judged and all the un-intelligent folk be shunted away into the dregs of society. However, what sets the 2 apart is that Washington believed that everyone should start on a level playing field at the bottom, no matter wealth or race, and slowly gain respect in society to make it to the top.

Cubberly just felt that whoever is intelligent AND wealthy , will be accepted into a higher position in society. Both methods end in the same situation- a hierarchy based on intelligence. But Washington has the same system as you Will! Ideally, everyone is put into a ginormous pool and the more intelligent work harder and more efficiently and therefore move on to higher society. This is how Washington invisioned it- everyone getting a shot.

Booker T. Washington (1856–1915)

Lewis, he gets as much of a chance as an equally intelligent kid at Staples High School. Search this site. He was very conservative wanted slow action with safer tactics , not liberal immediate, radical action by radical means Necessary to establish a position in society, and gradually work towards the higher goal in hierarchical society.

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That, as soon as I can, I will join the church of my choice, and by word and deed help to build up the kingdom of Christ on earth. Washington believed that Negroes were religious, but tended toward emotionalism. He believed education to include the instruction of higher education and Bible study. He detested the belief that educated and successful people were not religious: he found that most actually were. The man is unwise who does not cultivate in every manly way the friendship and good will of his next-door neighbor, whether he be black or white.

She hired young Washington to be her houseboy.

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Class : Wanted black people to be able to work and raise the respect their class deserves Wanted to slowly break down the division between white and black communities, not quickly like Jose. Many white people who had had no contact with the school, and perhaps no sympathy with it, came to us to buy bricks because they found out that ours were good bricks. They discovered that we were supplying a real want in the community. The making of these bricks caused many of the white residents of the neighbourhood to begin to feel that the education of the Negro was not making him worthless, but that in educating our students we were adding something to the wealth and comfort of the community.

As the people of the neighbourhood came to us to buy bricks, we got acquainted with them; they traded with us and we with them. Our business interests became intermingled.

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We had something which they wanted; they had something which we wanted. This, in a large measure, helped to lay the foundation for the pleasant relations that have continued to exist between us and the white people in that section, and which now extend throughout the South. This comprise agreed that Blacks would accept social segregation IF white would support Black Education and help them progress into the working world.

Believed that the main difference of classes in the society were white and black, whites were rich, blacks were poor - the way to surmount this would be to gradually work to gaining the respect of the whites which would in turn help fade out the strong division between blacks and whites After the Atlanta Compromise Address of , he reluctantly??? Beliefs Applied Today: Booker would likely support the drop outs of He supports career based learning, not standardized tests.

He also encourages educating oneself enough to benefit society, so if one feels they have the education to hold a sustainable job and work well in society, it is their right to drop out. Booker might advocate the education today needs to focus more on manual skills in order to get society and the economy running. He probably would have strongly encouraged technical schools; schools where students can learn a certain profession to be productive to society.

Education should surround a students personal life, encompassing formal knowledge and at home experiences. Today, simply formal knowledge is taught without taking into account individual student interests.

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During this tumultuous period, Booker T, like the other black schools in Norfolk, remained open and relatively unscathed, but official neglect meant that the old Booker T. The "sixty-five class rooms and shops, spacious halls, and splendid auditorium" that long-time principal Winston Douglas had raved about in were now badly deteriorated. Critics noted that asbestos insulation was falling from the ceiling on the students' heads, that the cafeteria had only one steam table to serve the entire student body, and that the restrooms, laboratories, and classrooms were literally falling apart.

Inspired by the grass-roots activism that he had witnessed at the March on Washington, Gay organized a demonstration with fellow students to raise awareness about the plight of his beloved school. Early on Thursday, 19 September, more than 2, students marched a mile-and-a-half from Booker T.

Many students carried signs complaining that their school was "cold, dark, and drafty," while others demanded that "Discriminative Education Must Go.

Donald Generals Jr. | Official Author Website

Booker T. Washington's dysfunctional heating system featured high on the list of complaints, which also mentioned cramped shower rooms, labs, and hallways. In October , school board member Joseph Nelson challenged the superintendent's renovation plans, stating that "piecemeal repairing of a building was not good economy. Washington be made to plan for a thorough-going reconstruction project at the site.

Although Marvin Gay and his high school friends supported Nelson's proposal, it took Norfolk's leaders more than ten excruciating years to build a new Booker T. An unknown error has occurred.

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