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Six months pregnant and alone, Annie Torres had stopped believing in any white knights racing to save her. So, when she fainted from exhaustion, the very last thing she expected was to land in the arms of one of the most handsome men she'd ever met Nobody could put Rafe Allman in his place But as their brainstorming sessions segued into stol In this secretary's opinion, Allman Industries' newest bigwig was a snake in the grass!

After all, the feud simmering between the rival Allman and McLaughlin clans had divided Chivaree, Texas, for over a century. So why in tarnation had Kurt McLaughl Follow a handsome detective as he searches for the truth Detective Daniel O'Callahan didn't like mysteries, so when half the staff at Portland General was in love and kissing in the hallways, he smelled a rat.

No sooner ha She nearly pinched herself. But Shannon Harper, Dallas waitress, was at the ball! Trouble was, Crown Prince Marco thought she was his prearranged fiancee! His arrival was unexpected -- Shannon had only agreed to impersonate Princess Tianna had no intention of honoring her lifelong betrothal to Prince Garth Roseanova.

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But when she arrived to disengage herself from the playboy prince she'd never met, she ended up going undercover as a nanny -- to protect the abandoned bab Bored playboy Prince Damian of Nabotavia reluctantly succumbed to family pressure to consider marriage to an "appropriate" woman. Then an accident changed everything, leaving him challenged at every turn.

But had it been an accident, or was Damian's Cracking the so-called security system at the Roseanova estate seemed like a surefire way for Jack Santini to prove to the royal family that he was the only candidate for the chief-of-security position. But he hadn't counted on waking up a golden-hai So when his indispensable -- utterly alluring -- associate quit to play temporary mommy to her sister's brood, the take-charge tycoon decided that if he couldn't It's true -- I'm pregnant!

I've kept it quiet because I wasn't sure how you'd react to my visiting a sperm bank. You know all the gossip about our boss Ka But she'd never before had a job so demanding that she and her boss actually had to live together Broad-shouldered, brooding and brilliant, seductive boss Jack Marin invariably got his way. And though Jack was divorced, disillusioned and avidly anti-marriage, he wanted a son.

So, sensibly, he headed straight for a fertility clinic and an anonymou Kyra Symington nearly fell out of her ergonomically correct secretary's chair when of But Charlie was no longer the aloof-but-beautiful heiress a rugged mercenary like him could only dream about. Now she was a But unfortunately for Grant Fargo, she was going to become his brother's wife. If Grant could keep his hands off his sexy employee long enough to introduce them. His brother need Joe Camden came home to Alaska to find a bride and two adorable kids on his doorstep.

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Chynna Sinclair claimed she and her brood were his mail-order family, but when Joe tried to explain that it was his brother who'd sent for a So the sexy carpenter agreed to build a nursery for adoptive mom Sara Parker. But someone had to get up in the night with sweet Sara to comfort his little girl.

He just hadn Jensen couldn't believe her eyes! Her ex-boss, Jack Remington, had just moved in next door The Jack she remembered wasn't soft and But as an undercover agent protecting Hailey Kingston, he was learning things about her that could get a confirmed bachelor in trouble.

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Like how she liked her coffee in the One minute, Cami Bishop was driving to a baby shower. The next, she'd been thrown in the slammer, courtesy of the county sheriff! How could she convince rugged Rafe Lonewoli she was innocent And before the wedding march faded away, she was a bride on the run, hiding from family, friends and fiance And if the only help available was her too-gorgeous-to-be-anything-but What was he doing here? How could he barge into Shawnee's life and expect to pick up where they'd left off that long-ago summer?

She had to make him leave--before that familiar, reckless passion came rushing back. Before Shawnee forgo But now the only woman who'd ever had him thinking about changing his ways needed his help. He wasn't about to let her down--but he wasn't mak When Reed Brittman first laid eyes on perky Kat Clay, she was sneaking around, spying on Reed's rich uncle and some fortune huntress who was stalking the old gent.

Then Reed discovered the crazy truth. The "huntress" was Kat's widowed Unmarried and uncommitted.

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Enjoying the fun and folly of Puerto Vallarta. The Bachelorette: Shelley Brittman. Scared, desperate and on the run from her abusive ex-husband. The Challenge: To overcome ins All they do it get pregnant and trap us men into marrying them. Thank goodness I talked my brother out of marrying that Kendall McCormick! She'd ruin his life for sure. But I wonder what This was the handsome hunk her staff had told her about?

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Well, her agenda was as clear as the clock ticking away inside her--Lisa was looking for poten Not that he'd ever noticed her. After all, he'd lived in the Sterling mansion, and she came from the other side of town. Now Cam--still char Trish had to see this for herself. But there he was, greeting her at the door of her mother's new apartment with sleepy bedroom eyes and that hard, brown, naked chest. Her parents' Cathy Feenstra was beautiful, blond, single--and, unfortunately, the devoted mother of precocious twins and a mischievous toddler.

Prior experience with children Her visiting aunt expected to see her blissfully wed, but Charity never had the time to find true love. In a last-ditch effort, she called an employment office. Kelly McCormick didn't want anything to do with this errant black knight He was certainly no ghost, but who was he? He turned out to be Kurt Palmer, a definit Claire Angeli's son was lost in the mountains, and it was up to Cord McCloud to find him.

How was Claire to know that in finding her son she would lose her heart? Cord upset all her neatly laid plans for her life. She wanted She thought there could never be another We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: 60 titles. Marriage for Her Baby. A Daddy for Her Sons. The Heir's Proposal. Taming the Lost Prince.

Betrothed to the Prince (Mills & Boon Cherish) (Catching the Crown, Book 2): First edition

Pregnant with the Prince's Child. The Reluctant Princess. Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride! Single Father, Surprise Prince. Secret Prince, Instant Daddy! Beauty and the Reclusive Prince. The Italian's Forgotten Baby.

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Keeping Her Baby's Secret. Her Valentine Blind Date. Found: His Royal Baby. Abby And The Playboy Prince. The Prince's Secret Bride. Bride By Royal Appointment. The Boss's Double Trouble Twins. The Boss's Pregnancy Proposal. Blackmailed By The Boss!