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From such descriptions and from the place names and so forth, it is clear that the Appalachian Empire is exactly what it sounds like, a not-too-distant future United States struggling to survive after a nuclear- or world-war-grade disaster. Strictly speaking, you'll find no magic in this fantasy adventure, but the remnants of modern technology feel and act exactly as magic would in a more traditional fantasy setting.

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Add in the medieval-esque kingdom woes , and this mixed genre story blooms vibrantly under Beneath Ceaseless Skies ' promise of Literature Adventure Fantasy. The final cinch that makes this a superb story? Alana's dilemma and final solution bring fatalism and free will to a climactic clash that is certain to provoke an unforgettable reaction of the heart and mind. We soon see that Ivette is in the crime fighting business mostly for the thrill, which she would have to be, considering that it requires her to repel down sky-scraper tall building to reach what are literally the lowest levels of society.

Yet as much fun as she has showing off her martial prowess to the cheers of her gathering fans, Ivette soon finds herself entangled in a crime that is much more important and deadly than any back alley robbery. Since she can't seem to resist the lure of the mystery, her fate will rest on her ability to determine what, exactly, the crime will be and what her new, charming acquaintance could possibly have to do with it. An ebook collection of the first 18 Pathfinder's Journals, containing the complete Eando Kline story arc.

I edited and introduced the collection and the original journals and wrote a third of the stories.

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The story of an army of goblins' desperate desire to keep their human princesses safe in the modern world. Also available on Kindle! Reprint collection of stories from Apex Magazine, including my foray into cyberpunk drug-dealing. The collection was first published as Descended from Darkness: Vol. Machine of Death Bearstache Books , October Catastrophia PS Publishing , September Edited by British Fantasy Society award winner Allen Ashley, Catastrophia is an anthology of stories set after the apocalypse.

Pathfinder Stolen Land , March The first chapter in a new Pathfinder's Journal, starring two scoundrels searching for glory in the River Kingdoms--without working too hard at it, of course.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies #114

Apex Magazine , December A cyberpunk story of illicit substances in the near future, and how the more things change, the more they stay the same. Pathfinder Descent Into Midnight , January The concluding chapter of the Eando Kline saga in the Pathfinder's Journal.

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Pathfinder Crown of Fangs , July The twelfth installment in the Pathfinder's Journal, in which Eando gets a look at the other side of prejudice and completely loses his temper. Pathfinder Skeletons of Scarwall , June The eleventh installment in the Pathfinder's Journal, in which Eando encounters some insects of unusual size and learns that trust is a pleasant liability. Pathfinder 6: Spires of Xin-Shalast , January The sixth installment in the Pathfinder's Journal, in which Eando Kline learns not to trust wizards and what it means to sacrifice in the name of friendship.

Pathfinder 5: Sins of the Saviors , December The fifth installment in the Pathfinder's Journal, in which Eando Kline recruits an old friend for one last job.

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Written with Mike McArtor. A short science fiction piece about evacuating the planet, and how ordinary people become history. The third installment in the Pathfinder's Journal, in which Eando Kline ventures into the anarchic city of Kaer Maga in search of a magical relic.

It was only months after she'd moved to the cabin, months of teeth cracking on stone, that she thought the witch may have meant her harm. Not a conspiracy between women, one free thanks to age, the other free thanks to cunning and constitution, but a punishment intended to ruin her.

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And yet Sapo kept at it, kept eating the mountain, stone by stone by stone, because she feared that if she didn't, it would come, and she didn't want it. She kept her head up until she'd exited the shop. Then she staggered sideways into the wall outside.

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The pair of marbles glinted in the palm of her good hand. She was a little stunned to be holding her prize at all; she stared at them as if somewhere in their milky depths the secrets of the universe might reside. Perhaps it was merely the dizzying pain, but she felt almost as if they stared back.

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